Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

San Andreas At War ROADMAP

Things that have to be done:

(I will update this list from time to time)

-Finish Battleships
-Implement turrets for Bombers
-implement CTA gamemode
-implement more Unlocks/Level features
-more skins (maybe a class system)

-improve balance
-fix small glitches
-replace U.S. "feign death" ability with something more useful
-implement custom weapons like MG-Nests or coaxial machineguns for Tanks
-Fix radar noise blips
-fix Tank kills not counting as kill
-improve soldier voices
-fix possible sync issues
-improve the weapon attachement positions
-develop and implement Inventory system for Trucks
-develop and implement shops for AP/HE and handgun ammo
-fix WW2 rank system
-make the player visible and killable as AT Gun/ Howitzer/ Mortar controller
-update MTA to 1.5
-improve Panzerschreck and Bazooka
-fix vehicle handling
-implement abilities
-fix positioning issue with AP Shells
-reduce explosive damage for tanks
-fix votemanager issues
-implement changeable ammunition types for tanks
-implement AP Shells for AT Guns
-fix blown vehicles not disappearing after round end
-fix Anti-Vehicle mines not working
-implement sniper sway once setPedTarget exists
-update impact effects of AP Shells
-remove current map from votemap window
-install effects with XR Particle editor
CANCELLED (eats too much performance)
-fix Truck-Trailer attach issues
-implement a keypress function to easily detach trailers from trucks
-implement vehicle shops
-implement spawn protection
-implement different damage calculations for frontal/side/rear armor of tanks
(Only front and rear armor implemented, MTA limitation)
-fix the radar blip range according to the players noise
-fix max velocity for reverse gear of tanks
-fix tank muzzle velocity
-implement auto-assign and spectator buttons to the teamselect window
-make players loose oxygen while sprinting and limit sprint ability
-implement new effects with a shader
-implement vehicle health indicator
-fix mortars
-implement the ability to destroy vehicle mines with guns
-implement key binds (let player decide which keys are bound to functions)
-implement DX info texts fot key binds
-fix votemanager issues (votemaps occuring twice in a row)
-fix the ability to spawn after the round has ended

Once per-entity-model replacing gets available:
-add different types of Aircraft (2 Fighters, 2 Bombers, 1 each faction) (implemented with a workaround)
-implement bombs and supply methods to reload bombs
-develop a fitting environment for this air force
-implement M8 Greyhound and Sd. Kfz 222 armored vehicles

Last updated 31.08.2016

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