Freitag, 17. Oktober 2014

San Andreas At War reached Alpha status

Today i am proud to announce the official Alpha status of San Andreas At War!
It is now possible to fight some deathmatches without having any issues or problems, everything has been tested so far!
But there is no time to settle, development is still going on and a lot has to be done. Thanks to all contributors and testers so far!
Unfortunately the gameplay video will not be finished before 21. of October. I want to finish all abilities with working GUI script before, this will take some more time.
Stay tuned!

€DIT::: I made some videos with other players but i have not enough material so it would be a waste of time to upload this stuff. I will make more videos and upload a really big film later.

Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

Some gameplay testing with "Eren" :)
I found a bunch of bugs with his help. Time to go on.

Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

Select additional perks at the beginning of every match. You will be able to unlock perks with higher ranks.

Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

Development going on....

The development is going on. Feel free to visit my YouTube channel to watch some development previews of future gameplay in SAAW-WW2.

Screenshots (Ingame graphics with MTA shaders, NO ENB SERIES)

MTA:Eir draw distance - picture by lopezloo

This picture shows the amazing draw distance that will be introduced with MTA:Eir.
I need this feature for my server because some maps contain over 3000 objects (!) and only the infinite streaming is able to handle such a mass.

To-Do list of existing issues in MTA SA 1.4

The following list contains all known issues that are in any way serious obstacles for my current development progress.
The order is sorted by priority, meaning that the worst issues are on top.
Please note, of course there are some other issues that can not be mentioned here (for example the low performance/draw distance of the MTA 1.5 streamer that will be fixed with MTA:Eir).
The famous most-wanted issue #8020 causes problems with custom vehicle dummies. This prevents me from finishing my custom main gun script for any vehicle.
The "most wanted issue 8020" has been fixed in revision 6974!
Per entity model replacing or something similar is needed to get more than 1 Rhino tank or other vehicles into the game (My objective is to add 4 different models for Rhino: Panzer IV, Panther, Sherman, M36 Jackson)
Worked around with a script (Now we have 6 tanks)
This function is needed for some mathematical calculations and to retrieve a hit-element for my  custom main gun script (realistic bullet penetration and so on).
Fixed in r6990.
Some custom vehicle`s wheels are sunk into the ground. Allowing to modify the wheelScale factor in vehicles.ide should fix this issue once and for all.
This issue causes the tank tracks to move forward even if the tank is driving backwards. I am working on a workaround that provides a better solution.
I found a workaround for this.
Custom effects have a very low draw distance in MTA 1.4. There is not more to say about this.
Issue 8566 has been fixed in MTA 1.4.0 revision 6892!
Idle sway of sniper scope or realistic recoil functions need the ability to modify the target position where the player is aiming at. Currently impossible.
Fixed in r7343.
Some vehicles are driving too fast backward. It is not possible to change this weird behaviour.
Found a workaround.
Custom animations are needed to load custom prone animations or the BMW R75 bike with sidecar and maybe even more into MTA.

SAAW World War 2 - now on Blogger!

Welcome, visitors!
I just opened up the blog for my world war 2 based Multi Theft Auto - San Andreas server.
I will post pictures, videos and development updates here.